Dec 4th 2022
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Monkey Blue

Monkey Blue
Monkey Blue
Monkey Blue
Monkey Blue
Monkey Blue
Monkey Blue
Currently displayed in the five star luxury Westbury Hotel, Conduit Street, Mayfair London Unique

The Monkey is an ongoing subject of Surbhi’s artistic oeuvre, which she revisits often. Inspired by her very own pet monkeys, Badges and Pinks each of her pieces though unique, are evocative of the delicate relationship between man and animals and often point to a deeper narrative. She sees the monkey as the animal that best evokes man, in its bodily shape, expressions and movements. In her words, “monkeys are mini humans with zero inhibitions, social norms and etiquette.”

Surbhi Modi is a multi disciplinary artist who re interprets? and re imagines disparate materials into objects, sculptures, and installations. She revels in creating iconic pieces that are driven by rigorous research, deeply conceptual thoughts and a genuine love for the unusual.
The results are sculptures - where form fights function, the abstract and the figurative collide and where man-made materials meet natural elements to form objects that ride dangerously on the precipice of practicability. Some are functional, while others wear the artifice of functionality. These are tribal or baroque, decorative objects that question the purpose of art and ponder its futility. Surbhi lives and works in Delhi and London.

Categories: SCULPTURE      
Materials: "Brass, Wood, Fibreglass, Ceramic, Plaster, Bulb and Steel "      
Width: 12   Height: 24   Depth: 12

Price:  £7,500.00


Surbhi Modi

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